Top hinged side shell doors

Top hinged side shell doors

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Almost every luxury yacht has an garage were tenders, rescue boats, diving equipment, jet skis and other toys are stored to enjoy the entertainment possibilities of the sea. Our top hinged side shell doors open up the garage and give you access to start your enjoyment at the sea

We produce state of the art, hydraulically powered top hinged side shell doors, that fit flawlessly into the hull. Construction can be done in steel, aluminum, stainless steel or a combination. Over the years, our proven concepts have become the solid foundation for customized demands. We know what works. And we use that knowledge to create something unique.

We divided our top hinged side shell doors in three different hinge possibilities, rotating hinged, slide out hinged and articulated hinged. Each hinge possibility has his owns advantages and in the portfolios a number of examples are presented. Each door is a unique and custom made design. With our engineering, production, assembly, commissioning and service all under one roof, your wishes can be delivered on time and without compromise.

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