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Innovative and tailor made solutions for the maritime industry.

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With your safety and comfort at sea as our number one priority, Winel offers a wide range of watertight closures. Whether it’s our hinged doors, sliding doors, hatches or ship accessories, our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands when conditions get rough. Almost every item is custom built, but in order to guarantee efficient production, everything is designed in a modular way.


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Vessel types

Our products and services are catered to the offshore sector and every major shipbuilding market, ranging from merchant vessels, dredgers, cruise ships, ferries, roros to mega yachts and naval ships. We are based near major inland waterways connected to the North Sea, making it possible to handle and transport big shell doors and platforms for any type of vessel.

Yacht Solutions

For the Mega Yacht industry we aim at sophisticated perfection. Driven by your requirements, our team of engineers will make an astonishing design that meets both technical performance and aesthetic radiance. Every tiny detail in design and construction will be carefully considered. Through our sister company Staalart, we’re unique in producing one-offs and hull equipment for the Mega Yacht Building Industry, but we also manufacture sophisticated access equipment.

Marine & Offshore Solutions

We combine our knowledge and experience in our wide range of standardized doors and hatches and yacht solutions into a range of customized electro-hydraulic operated solutions for the Marine & Offshore industry such as Deck Hatches, Shell Doors and Embarkation Platforms.

Other services

For spare parts, installation, refitting or maintenance, have a look at our Spare Parts and Service overview pages. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.