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A box with EPDM shore 30 sea water resistant seal is included, loose supplied. Winel delivers the doors with small pieces EPDM in the door which for installation. After installation shipyard can apply coating on door blade, also behind the seal and install final seal according instructions after coating is finished.

Winel has a range of standard sizes (see specification sheets). But one of the key features of Winel is flexibility to work together with shipyards/owner to find solutions for not standard situations. Please be aware that delivery times for non-standard solutions are longer due to engineering and class approvals.

The door and hatch hinges are executed with hatch Orkot® Marine Bearings are manufactured from a unique synthetic composition incorporating solid lubricants for dry running to ensure outstanding wear life. Virtually no swelling in sea water and very low thermal coefficient of expansion provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas. They do not corrode or promote corrosion of the housing and tolerate both edge loading and misalignment

SOLAS: weathertight means that in any sea conditions water will not penetrate into the ship. A weathertight item is designed to withstand water pressure from one side (the outside). Typical locations are above the waterline, for example on the deck or in the wheelhouse of the ship. Location of doors are indicated with load line position 1 or 2.

SOLAS: Watertight means having scantlings and arrangements capable of preventing the passage of the water in any direction under the head of water likely to occur in intact and damaged conditions. The closure between two compartments below the waterline will typically be watertight. A watertight item withstands a ‘water column’ (water pressure in mwc or bar) from both sides.

The free passage opening which a door or hatch should have, normally in mm (e.g. HxW: 2000×1000 mm). Please be aware of the standard rounded corners R=100 mm

Winel Doors and hatches are operated through the patented Winel Musketeer central closing mechanism with stainless steel closing points. Self braking cleats operate with single action on the handle/handwheel. Light operation due to 1:33 force transmission. Cleats are fully adjustable.