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About us

Safety at sea level.

Our mission is to build the most sophisticated and modern marine solutions in the world, to guarantee your safety and comfort at sea.

Our story

Over 67 years of experience.

Founded in 1956, Winel has since become a leading manufacturer of high quality products for the offshore sector and every major shipbuilding market. Based in Assen, Blokzijl and Haiphong, near inland waterways connected to the North Sea as well as the South China Sea, we are an international household name in ports around the world. With around 150 skilled people and our workshops of more than 20.000 m², we’ll take care of your every need to guarantee your safety and comfort at sea.

Our philosophy

We live to innovate.

Innovation is what drives us and we never stop developing our products. Using the latest in Dutch maritime engineering, Winel specializes in manufacturing a wide range of doors, hatches, tank vent check valve systems, platforms, access equipment, passerelles and custom engineered products. Our patented Musketeer system is used in many ships all over the world and is renowned for its excellent operating system: a stainless steel central closing mechanism with a quick acting handle on both sides. Our own R&D team works hard in getting new products on the market on a regular basis.


Winel is a unique partner with in-house engineering, production, assembly and testing of our complete catalog of products. Almost every item is custom built, but in order to guarantee efficient production, everything is designed in a modular way. Our certified welders, together with several notified body shop approvals, are the foundation for the highest quality standard, whether products are made from steel, aluminum, stainless steel or composites. In case our welders need more information, local computer systems connected to 3D viewers create the perfect symbiosis between engineering and production.

Trusted by partners

We work together to deliver the best.

Together with our company Staalart, we’re unique in producing one-offs and specials for the Mega Yacht Building Industry. Being fully familiar with the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) and other statutory regulations, we have all the knowledge to meet your client’s requirements. Every step of the process as well as every detail is controlled by our own staff: from development, engineering and production to turnkey delivery. At our 100% Foreign Direct Investment in Haiphong, Winel Vietnam, we produce Tank Vent Check Valves, Hand Operated Doors & Hatches and standardized components for our own products.

Our values

Safety and comfort at sea is our business.

Dutch engineering and Dutch values are part of our DNA:

No compromise to quality.

We’re dedicated to providing only the highest quality products and services.

Sustainability is our priority.

Our objective is to reduce our carbon footprint by 55% within 2024.

No surprises.

We’re dedicated to fulfill your requirements on time and within budget.

Tailored solutions.

Every vessel is unique. We like to help you with smart, effective and innovative solutions.

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