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Watertight Sliding Doors


Water Pressure Tested

Fully Electric operation (suitable for cargo and passenger vessels)

  • 140 mm sill or low sill (20 mm/40 mm)
  • Turn drive
  • Lightweight bolted

About this product

General information

The fully electric watertight sliding door CONDOR is a compact watertight door. It is supplied as a completely finished and tested unit, ready for welding in. It combines the well-known proven mechanical design of the doors with a standardized electrical drive system. Available in a wide range of sizes and with various options to assemble a custom made door.   The design and manufacture of CONDOR doors are in full compliance with the IMO/SOLAS safety regulations for cargo ships and passenger ships to fulfill the watertight integrity of the vessel and is type approved by all major classification societies.    Each door is included with a electric power unit and watertight control box, and tested for water pressure. Our proven design is easy to adjust and maintain, and seals can be replaced within minutes. This results in a lower cost of ownership.

Min. Width
Min. Height
8 mm blades
Closing Points
3.40 metres
Aluminium, steel, stainless steel
Open Close Indication
Open, Close indication
Water Pressure
Tested up to 12 mwc

Product features

The CONDOR is a compact door which means that the drive unit, consisting of a geared motor for normal supply, a 24VDC motor (for emergency drive above bulkhead), electrical control plate and push button control are pre-mounted on the bulkhead plate which is welded to the door frame. The rail extensions with support and bolts, two local hand generators for emergency drive, wheelhouse panel and emergency station are supplied separately.

The system is designed to close or open the door between 20-40 seconds during normal operation. 90 seconds using the hand generators locally or from the emergency station above the bulkhead deck.

Local power operation by push buttons at either side of the bulkhead, closing and opening. “Door open” as well as “Door close” is actively operated, which means that the door will stop after the release of the push buttons. The motor is only running while the push buttons are operated.

Local emergency operation using hand generators, which are placed on both sides of the bulkhead, to allow closing and opening. To close the door: turn the hand generator in the closing direction of the door. To open the door: turn the hand generator in the opening direction of the door. This item is supplied separately.

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Optional: Remote power operation

By master mode switch from the wheelhouse panel. The main control in the wheelhouse is executed with a “master mode” switch with two modes of control. The ‘doors closed’ mode automatically re-closes the doors after they have been opened locally. (pre-warning of 5-10 seconds according to SOLAS is provided). The ‘local control’ mode allows the

doors to be opened locally without automatic reclosure.

Optional: Emergency remote operation

Emergency operation by hand generator, above freeboard deck, closing only.

Alarm/indication signals

Locally there is an audible alarm (sounder) combined with a visual alarm (flash light). At the remote emergency station a visual indication (red/green lights) is present. The wheelhouse panel shows the location of the doors and is equipped with indication lights for open/close indication and alarm signaling incl. buzzer when main or control power supply is lost.