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Doors Hand Operated

Weathertight and Watertight A60 Fire Doors

6 or 8 mm door blade 8 mm door blade Water Pressure Tested

  • Perform exceptionally in both operational and fire examinations.
  • Withstand the harshest conditions.

About this product

General information

A60 Water- and Weathertight Fire Doors are completely MED Certified as fire doors in accordance with FPT-Code 2010. Winel's A60 doors have all been type approved by DNV-GL in accordance with the latest modern standards for classification of ships and mobile offshore units, as well as with the international Load line Convention of 1966. Individual permits for ABS, LRS, and BV are available. Winel has been manufacturing Marine doors for over 30 years and has type certifications from all major categories.

Min. Width
Min. Height
8 mm blades
Closing Points
3.40 metres
Aluminium, steel, stainless steel
Open Close Indication
Open, Close indication
Water Pressure
Tested up to 12 mwc

Product features

  • Weathertight (WET)
  • Watertight (WT)
  • Single handle operated (WET)
  • Hand-wheel operated (WT)
  • All moving parts stainless steel
  • Greaseless bearings
  • Standard angle bar frame
  • Excellent performance during fire
  • Low maintenance, long lifetime
  • Easy adjustable closing system
  • Door Locks (WET)
  • A60 Windows (WET)
  • A60 Bulls eyes (WET)
  • Offshore frame, DNV GL C30I
  • Coating
  • Door closer / Wind hook
  • Open / close indication
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Frequently Asked Questions

Winel Doors and hatches are operated through the patented Winel Musketeer central closing mechanism with stainless steel closing points. Self braking cleats operate with single action on the handle/handwheel. Light operation due to 1:33 force transmission. Cleats are fully adjustable.